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It’s been a while

Having said that I’d carry on blogging beyond (slightly extended) Lent, I have miserably failed to write anything more! My initial excuse is that life kind of got in the way – moving house, being busy at work, etc. I think if those things were allowed to get in the way then I’d never blog!

So, what have I thought about in the past few months… well many things. Working in reasonably close proximity to politicians (about 3 floors away!) has meant that I watched the MPs expenses debacle and the related coverage with particular interest. I think I’ll write a post ‘in defence of politicians’ some time soon…

I’ve just returned from Greenbelt where my highlights included seeing friends who I’d not seen in a while, the always excellent Maggi Dawn talking about giving up and encouraging us to look again at the fasting seasons in the Christian calendar and Sarah Jones talking about the importance of context. Sarah’s a particular favourite speaker of ours since we heard her at this year’s SCM conference. But without a shadow of a doubt, the best speaker I heard this year was Bishop Gene Robinson. I went to hear him speak about being calm in the eye of the storm and have nothing but admiration for the man. He is an engaging speaker who speaks with sincerity, honesty and conviction about his faith, his life experiences and his views. I could quite clearly see why the good Anglicans of New Hampshire thought it was worth all the hassle to elect him their Bishop. He’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a prophet, leading the church into the future by his example.

Reflecting on Greenbelt this year made me realise quite how little Christian-thinking I do in my everyday life. Most of my brain power is taken up with work, with a bit spared for political thinking. It’s been a while since body, mind or soul has been engaged in godly matters outside of church on a Sunday. I’m hoping that joining a class (olde Methodist speak for a mix of a pastoral care group and a discussion group) at our new church home will help a bit with that.

That’s a bit of a ragbag post to re-start my blogging career, maybe my next one will be a bit more focussed or coherent.