Where am I now?

So, the last 12 posts are pretty much a whistle-stop tour of my journey to date but where has it taken me?

Well, in geographical terms, I’m in London. Sarah and I are mainly attending the same church my grandmother attends (and where my mum went as a teenager). I’d only ever been there once or twice before I moved down here (including for my grandfather’s funeral) but I’m starting to feel at home there. The worship is comfortably familiar and the preaching is stimulating and interesting. As we relocate to London properly, I hope we’ll get more involved either at this church or somewhere else.

I’m still slightly involved with SCM, attending a couple of events a year. But SCM feels very much like the past – an important part of my life and something that’s gone a long way towards making me who I am today but still the past. That said, I found this years conference as challenging and stimulating as I have found events in the past, if not more so. I’ve heard lots of SCMers say that they struggle to find something to replace it – I guess like them I now have to find a new source of nourishment for my faith.

As for where this blog will go… well, right now it’s taking a rest! This week I’m off to Shrewsbury to help Sarah pack but after that… I’m going to keep blogging. I’d like to talk about how I’ve found my job (as much as is appropriate), my views on the world and the random things that occur to me. So… once moving’s out of the way, I’ll be back!

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  1. All the best with helping Sarah pack and move, and look forward to hearing all about what you want to blog about when you return.

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