Daily Archives: February 25, 2009

God the assumption

As lent has started, I’ll start my Lenten discipline with a fairly general post about my faith.


Like many people, my faith comes (and goes) in cycles. There are times when I feel a real presence of God – in both good times and bad times. Then there are other times when God is more hypothetical. I’m not really the sort of person who has crises of faith or worries about the absence of God. Instead, the best way to describe the periods when God seems further away is that God becomes an assumption.


What do I mean by God as an assumption? It’s like an academic assumption, that I can engage with the idea of God and talk about God but it’s all based on the assumption rather than conviction of the reality of God. I can think and talk about what God is like, look at passages in the bible, even take part in corporate prayer as part of worship. All about/to this hypothetical God. I think that’s why I’m a big fan of sermons (more on that later!), because I can engage with and relate to their reasoning even if it’s not on an emotional/spiritual level.


Of course, it’s not always like that. There are times, lots of times, when God seems very real. When God is not an assumption but a reality. A loving presence, a guide, many more things. At the moment, I’m probably somewhere closer to this, after a weekend of worship and reflection with SCM.