Daily Archives: February 24, 2009

Hello Wibsite world…

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. I might be best known is as Mr Ramblin’ Folkie but believe it or not I’m also a person in my own right! In brief, I’m 23, a Methodist, a civil servant and have been living in London for 5 months or so now.


Not surprisingly I’ve been reading wiblogs for a couple of years now but 1have only just decided to take the plunge now. So why now? Well…  it’s nearly lent! Over the past few years I’ve done several things to mark lent (giving up alcohol, daily bible reading, etc) but this year I wanted to start something different. As those of you who know me and Sarah in real life will be aware, we’re in a state of flux at the moment. A prolonged advent, if you will, while we wait for her to get the chance to move down this way. Part of this means we can’t really make ourselves at home in a church and get involved. Combined with moving on from studenty Christian activities after graduating, this has meant that my spiritual life has been a bit neglected of late.


I thought I would use Lent as an opportunity to reflect on my faith and how I have got to where I am today. I’m not silly enough to think that I’ll manage 40 posts or anything like that but I’ve managed to come up with a list of about 20 or so people, places, organisations, experiences and so on that I want to reflect on. I can’t promise it’ll even be vaguely interesting but I think I’m perhaps doing this more for me, the writer, than you, the reader.